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Campervan Travel & Corona: The most important questions and answers

von Alex
Campervan Travel & Corona: The most important questions and answers

The coronavirus is a source of uncertainty for many travellers. We have provided the most important information on campervan travel planning in light of Corona below.

Coronavirus & campervan bookings: the most important questions
1. How can I cancel my booking?
2. What do I do if I have booked a campervan for a region that now has travel restrictions?
3. What do I do if I want to book a campervan for this year?
4. Which countries currently have travel restrictions?
5. Are the campervan rental companies cleaning the vehicles better now?

1. How can I cancel my booking?

If you are affected by the current travel restrictions and wish to cancel your previously booked campervan, please send us an e-mail by replying to your booking confirmation (or to The cancellation will then be forwarded directly to the responsible colleagues and can be processed immediately.

Officially, the cancellation is subject to the conditions and fees set out by the rental company in the rental terms and conditions. CamperDays does not benefit from such fees, as they are charged and retained exclusively by the campervan provider. We at CamperDays do not charge any additional cancellation fees of our own and support you as best we can!

Due to the current situation, many rental companies have drawn up particularly accommodating booking change conditions, so that you can start your trip flexibly at a later date. As with most things corona-related, the conditions and goodwill of many rental companies are also changing. Therefore we can’t promise anything, except: Write us an email and we will take care that your individual booking will be processed in the best possible way.

Is there a legal right of cancellation in case of „force majeure“?

We have also received enquiries from customers who asked if there is a legal right to cancel, which allows a free cancellation in case of „force majeure„.

As a general rule, when renting a campervan (legally an individual travel service), free cancellation in case of „force majeure“ – unlike package tours (e.g. joint booking of flight and campervan) – is only possible in rare exceptional cases. Many current reports in the press about „cancellation rights for package tours“ are unfortunately not applicable to campervan offers. A free cancellation is therefore only possible if the rental company offers this as a gesture of goodwill. An exception could apply where a pick-up point has been closed due to a health emergency. In the case of restrictions on entry only (e.g. entry is possible, but the person entering the country must then go into self quarantine), such a right does not exist for individual trips.

2. What do I do if I have booked a campervan for a region that now has travel restrictions?

There are still travel restrictions for many popular campervan destinations. At CamperDays, we do everything we can to support our customers in the best possible way!

Due to the current development with Covid-19, changes in entry requirements can always occur. Many countries still require quarantine, electronic registration or proof such as a negative Corona test. It is therefore important that everyone informs themselves in good time before travelling about the current entry requirements in the destination country. For this purpose, we recommend the official website of your Foreign Office. If a trip has to be postponed due to changes in entry regulations, please contact us in writing, stating your booking number and the new travel dates. We are in constant contact with all campervan providers whose offers can be booked via our CamperDays platform and can assist you with any questions you may have.

We try very hard to persuade the campervan providers to find a goodwill solution. In the case of such a solution, the legal situation described above is less important because the campervan providers voluntarily agree to a solution. There is a great interest on the part of the campervan providers to find a voluntary solution – such as free rebookings – and we will be happy to enquire about a possible solution individually for the booking in question.

In this case, CamperDays is always the first point of contact for questions or change requests and not the local rental company, as we are the contractual partner.

3. What do I do if I want to book another campervan for this or next year?

Those who have not yet booked a campervan but are planning a trip can of course book now. Many rental companies still have sufficient availability and favourable prices for the new year.

Right now, many people are cautious with regard to holiday planning, because it is not yet possible to foresee when and to what extent existing travel warnings will be lifted. As soon as travel is possible again without restrictions, however, this can change quickly. When this happens, the available campervans will most likely be booked up quickly. After all, a campervan is an ideal means of travelling individually and away from large crowds.

However, you should always keep an eye on the latest news and official travel information as well as the cancellation conditions of the desired offer when booking, so that you remain as flexible as possible. Then there is nothing to be said against booking for the time after the travel restrictions.

4. Which countries currently have travel restrictions?

Due to the coronavirus many countries are restricting the entry for European citizens. The information changes very quickly, so it is best to follow the latest news about your destination country and check official websites such as your National Foreign Office.

5. What is the alternative if I do not receive a free cancellation?

Anyone wishing to cancel an offer where the rental company does not offer free cancellation can of course cancel the booking at any time at the cancellation fees set by the campervan provider in the rental conditions.

Alternatively, it is usually possible to rebook for next year without any complications. Simply call our customer service and we will find a solution together.

6. Are the campervan rental companies cleaning the vehicles better now?

As we do not provide any vehicles ourselves, we cannot give a definitive answer here. However, we have asked our partners and received feedback that many rental companies clean their vehicles more intensively and differently. For example, the vehicles are disinfected inside the vehicle by rental companies after return.


Disclaimer: The information on this page has been compiled with the greatest possible care and to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the content provided is up-to-date, complete and correct. In particular, the provision of the information does not constitute legal advice.